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DoDaawOurPricing2If you are a woman who is about to leave an inpatient program or rehabilitation center and going back into the world, you may want to consider sober living for women.

Many women tend to relapse when they go back into environments that they used in right from traditionally rigid, self-contained treatment facilities. While these programs give women the tools to deal with real world stresses and survive without relapsing, many women find that they are unable to cope.

A safe environment is needed to begin to implement the new skills being taught to them. The DoDaaw Ranch is a place to begin to return to society and begin to practice the necessary attitudes and behavior that need to become second nature to insure their survival.

What is Sober Living for Women?

Sober living for women is when a woman stays at an all female sober house. A sober house is a place that is often run by an individual or a group of people and is focused on keeping all its residents clean and sober. This means that no drugs or substances of any kind are permitted on the property. In order to maintain this drug-free environment, drug tests and room inspections are given randomly.

Women who stay in a sober living facility can expect to form many bonds with the other residents, especially their roommate. All facilities that offer sober living require that each person has a roommate; some will even have multiple roommates. This is not only to allow the residents to form bonds but also to insure accountability. At The DoDaaw Ranch, Sisterhood, a loving bond between women, provides an atmosphere conducive to growth and healing.

How Much Does It Cost?

1050.00 initial services with OneStep 
$750.00 continuing services

Scholarships and treatment referrals available

Why Bother with Sober Living?

Many women who leave inpatient programs or rehabilitation centers often feel overwhelmed by the many every day problems women face. From motherhood, to work, to household chores, it doesn’t take much to overwhelm someone who is only just starting to get back on their feet. Sober living for women allows women to deal with life’s stressors without completely submerging themselves and finding they are drowning instead of swimming.

All sober living facilities require women to pay rent, hold down a job or continue their education, and to assist in household chores. Residents of these facilities are expected to follow all rules that are set down by the house or face eviction or other severe penalties. While many sober living facilities have different rules, the three main rules stay the same: no substances of any kind, rent must be paid, and absolutely no violence, fighting or sexual relations are tolerated.

Many women feel alone and abandoned after leaving a rehabilitation program. While they were given the tools they needed to start their lives again, they didn’t have to put them into practice while they were in isolation. Sober living for women allows women to put their skills into practice and to learn other skills and coping methods so they can continue to stay sober long after they leave the sober house.