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DoDaawHomeACharacteristics of Sober Living Houses

Traditional Sober Living Houses are structured in a way that avoids some of the limitations of halfway houses. The essential characteristics include:

  1. an alcohol and drug free living environment for individuals attempting to abstain from alcohol and drugs;

  2. no formal treatment services but either mandated or strongly encouraged attendance at twelve step self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA);

  3. required compliance with house rules such as maintaining abstinence, paying rent and other fees, participating in house chores and attending house meetings;

  4. resident responsibility for financing rent and other costs; and

  5. an invitation for residents to stay in the house as long as they wish, provided they comply with house rules.

While The DoDaaw Ranch does have all the components of traditional sober living homes, we are unique in that we provide an atmosphere generally seen in upscale treatment facilities. We are of course less rigid in that we do not do formal AOD treatment in the traditional sense. We do however, give our women a well-rounded experience conducive to life long recovery. Additionally, we try to offset the costs for our clients through gifts from contributors to our organization.

If you or a loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction, or any co-occurring disorder, The DoDaaw Ranch offers a vital solid solution for you.

The DoDaaw Ranch is a pristine transitional live-in facility for women established in 2013. Located in Modesto, California, we offer a tranquil and safe structured environment for women to rebuild their lives.


DoDaawHomeBWe are proud to offer a proven environment to give each client the tools for everlasting sobriety and success. This intensive program provides assessment and evaluation, drug/alcohol intervention, individualized treatment planning, substance abuse education, relapse prevention, coping skills, life skills, self-esteem building, communication skills, social skills, health education, family care and family dynamics, domestic violence, anger management, and any needed referral for any additional outside issues.


Our Family Specialist is available
Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm,
and Sundays between 10am and 6pm