Our Women

DoDaawOurGirls1The DoDaaw Ranch addresses both the physical and spiritual needs of women seeking a supportive Twelve Step sober living environment. Our home is warm, inviting, and pet friendly. We guide each woman’s transition from addiction and devastation back into mainstream society through a simple, but effective, formula for success.

Our formula for success includes consistent attendance of Twelve Step meetings, program work with a sponsor, morning meditation, random drug and alcohol testing and participation in house meetings where we celebrate each woman’s progress, and address her concerns. We regularly participate in Twelve Step conferences, workshops, and other inspiring non-Twelve Step activities – finding joy and laughter, having more fun than we could have ever imagined.

The DoDaaw Ranch management team are trained and experienced.  We are committed to compassionate care within an established program structure. Our aim is to inspire self-confidence, self-esteem, and personal responsibility.DoDaawOurGirls2

It is hard to describe in words the sense of love, support and understanding shared among the women here. We all have our stories of addiction, we grow to understand the disease we share and that together we can find the solutions to our problems and living a meaningful life with a sense of purpose, dignity, and freedom.


The DoDaaw Ranch opened its doors to women seeking recovery on May 1, 2013 and is dedicated to creating a supportive structured community environment where women can heal and find new meaning to life.

DoDaawOurGirls3Studies show that women face unique challenges in overcoming drug and alcohol addiction. Not only do we experience a more rapid physical and cognitive decline than men do – alcohol and drugs have taken our very identities as mothers, family members, friends and professionals.

Just as science has shown that, more effective treatment is tailored to a woman’s special needs, so we at The DoDaaw Ranch believe that a transitional sober living home should address a woman’s unique requirements. Women in the presence of women enjoy more freedom to express themselves fully. Individuals enduring the same issues are uniquely qualified to help one another.

As such, we are a sisterhood in recovery. We believe that change is possible. We strive for this and inspire trust, respect, confidentiality and compassion.